Sunday, December 30, 2007

2007 roll up ~ yet another eventful year will come to a pass soon. It's been a year full or ups & downs, fair shares of pleasant & not-so pleasant unexpected events, some memorable first-time(s)... Here are some of the memorable pieces of me ~ 2007 edition , chronicled in a series of photos (as correctly recalled by my photographic memory) =p :

Sabah-mari: 1st vacation of the year right after my 2-month long graveyard shift

Went white-water rafting for the first time ever! = Exciting; definitely looking forward to taking on a more challenging rapid the next time round
Sight-seeing cum snorkelling at the island resorts = Exotic =p
*did not get to climb Mt. Kinabalu though... we shall be back another day!*

1/2 month later ~ Shanghai-mari for the ISTC conference

furthest i've been away from home... just right after winter ~ very chilly still, my lips cracked the whole time i was there... piping hot & spicy steamboat with booze were my best friend there... as business trip as it may be (presenting paper in an international conference is the best legitimate justification for an all-expense paid vacation... plus the pre-presentation stress of course.. =p), it turned out to be a memorable trip...

Celebrating Gawai in a real longhouse

~ an Authentic Gawai Experience... a very unique & memorable one for me... with endless flow of tuaks for 3D2Ns, hehe =p

The Kayak Adventure...

Another 1st time ever... & so close to home ~ Exciting & relaxing experience: Exciting = some rapids to negotiate, a capsized incident or two, some water-tarzan action, plus heavy downpour halfway thru the course.. Relaxing = tranquility of gracefully drifting downstream into the rainforest, beautiful & breathtaking sceneries along the journey & a very steady kayak mate =)

Bitten by the Gun-Pla bug...

MG Strike Freedom ~ the very 1st Gundam kit i completed; took a 1/2 months of late-night meticulous efforts (sacrificed many dates, in the process =p)

Bali-mari ~ I've been to paradise!! =)

My 1st ever underwater experience @ 8m underwater off Nusa Dua shores!

Okie, enough said... I'LL BE BACK!

A memorable beach trip to Siar Beach, Lundu...

Fab Race 5

To have been in this company for almost 3 years now & not have joined the famed annual FabRace is a shame ~ half your working life wasted lar, like that.... This time round i wouldn't miss it for the world. It turned out to be quite a fun & fruitful outing after all =)

2007 has been an auspicious year to tie the knot. Many dear friends & their loved ones 'levelled-up'. All the best to them ! =)

This one's got the wackiest collage of them all ~ definitely embodies the Litho-Boleh spirit! Only my beloved wacky & khim siu fellow colleagues would be creative to come up with something like this. Kudos!

Hope ya'll have a year that starts right & ends happy. Happy New Year! =)


MrToilet said...

Still can't believe we actually looked that chubby previously ...

cal81 said...

were we? u only lah... =p