Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Project Strike Freedom Work-Log ~ It has taken a near 2-week of passionate late-night toiling (since i have a full-time job to distract me from my beloved Project) to painstakingly assemble & build my MG Strike Freedom Gundam to its full glory, today (95% complete, minus full decals & paint job). For me, it has been an addictive experience; once you've started, you just get hooked on ~ & the excitement just keeps building up as more parts are pieced togehter; by the time you realize, it's already 2am on a working weekday...at one point i had even contemplated on taking leave just so i can spend more time on the project, heh. =p
Here are some snapshots on the progress at different stages:
Started assembling one module unit at a time...

Kira Yamato ~ unpainted version

main torso; slides open to reveal pilot cockpit

the Strike Freedom gets a facial

~ a delicate process...

the upper body taking shape...

the waist unit...

intricate leg unit inner frame ~ a showcase of impressive articulation

with built-in with rear thrusters too!

Now that it's almost complete, i almost cried tears of joy! =p

Strike Freedom ikimasu!

hey there, aren't we forgetting a little something?

its magnificent wing unit!!

now, that's one mean & badass Gundam!


now all that's left to do ~ is fixing the microscopic decals...
~bitten-by-the-Gundam-bug~ signing-off~ ...for now

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