Sunday, September 02, 2007

Bought myself a new toy today =p
A Bandai 1/100 scale Master Grade ZGMF-X20A Strike Freedom Gundam ~ Full Burst Mode from the Cosmic Era series

It comes in a HUGE box, about the size of a mini-coffee table

To put things into perspective ~ side-by-side with a mid-sized luggage; 3x the size of the box of my other only kit, a Bandai High Grade EVA00 from Neon Genesis Evangelion

The Strike Freedom Gundam ~ everybody's favourite mobile suit & undoubtedly the most popular designs from Gundam SEED. A couple of versions are available (MG); had a tough time choosing between the standard MG Strike Freedom Gundam & the Full Burst Mode, before finally settling for the much pricier latter which, comes with added goodies ~ special gold coating parts, spectacular DRAGOON effect parts -> yeah babeh!

Special gold coating: with (top), without (underneath)... impressive, eh?

Etching decals! (dry transfer) adds to the COOL factor

That's one sea of parts... (looks like it's going to take me 10 light-years to finish)

The instruction manual, all in Japanese.. but easily comprehensible, like Lego standard

It's even got an order form to order replacement parts from Bandai customer service?? Only if you live in Japan...

Strike Freedom Vs Destiny clear illustration poster included...

Another freebie...

Gundam Modelling Tutorial for Busy People
~ something i should be reading for a start before jumping into this 'lil project of mine; there's always a chance that i'll commit
fatal newbie mistakes while i'm at it, mess up my kit & start crying... haha. Messing up a costly MG kit like this:
(RM295 after discount) IS NOT a good start.

If all goes well, it should turn out looking like this:



Kino said...

Looking forward to see your finished good.

cal81 said...

ha, it's going to take quite awhile... can hardly wait to get started! =)