Monday, September 24, 2007

Finally... on to Getting Started
~ It doesn't take very much for a newbie to figure out the basic stuffs needed to get started. Your best friends when it comes to GunPla-ing:
1. Cutter/nipper ~ to cut the parts pieces away from the runner frame that holds them together; nail-cutter works best for me ~ cleaner & more precise cuts for pieces with thinner/smaller gates.
2. Craft-knife ~ for precision plastic cutting & shaving & trimming excess gate plastic on the pieces.
3. Fine grade sandpaper ~ to get that smooth finishing on the shaved & trimmed area. This particular project of mine consumed a whole A4 sized grade 2000 sandpaper.
4. Cutting mat ~ neater to work on; the back of notepads are good makeshift (still have tons them from my uni days)
5. Gundam marker
~ yes, a Gundam Marker, there is such thing; for the inking process: painting along the grooves of the kit for fine-detailing. Inking is definitely the order of the day, unless you would not mind ending up with a lame-plain-sissy looking gundam. GM01 ~ fine-tip black paint marker is the commonest of them all; a must-have; though they aren't exactly cheap at more than 10 bucks piece.
6. Cotton-bud/eraser ~ to clean up the excess ink from the inking process. I pretty much prefer using my fingers to clean the smudge. *one thing to note is that it has to be done before the paint dries up & bleeds into the plastic.
7. Needle nose tweezer ~ you'll need one of these when it comes to decals application coz they're (decals) almost microscopic in size.
8. Most importantly steady hands, a passion for & lots of patience for model kit building!

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