Saturday, September 22, 2007

Had my mind set on completing "Project Strike Freedom" today ~ only minor detailing jobs left, i.e finishing touches & decals application.. & assembling the all-important base stand; w/o which would render your completed Gundam to lame berdiri-tegak & squat-down pangsai poses only. As work got underway, along came a distraction which, abruptly transported me back to reality from my all-consuming GunPla universe. To be able to pull of a feat like that.... must be distraction from one heck of a BIG TOY.... in the car porch!

A Toyota Harrier Zagato! ~ decked in ultra-wiiiddddee Zagato suit & massive 18" Stich Evolution bling-blings. Boy, i can't hardly wait to bring that big toy out for a spin *grin*grin* =p

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