Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Past Year Countdowns
31st '05 thru 1st '06 ~ last night of work for Dec '05 night shift... *sien*
31st '06 thru 1st '07 ~ first night of work for Jan-Feb '07 night shift... *jia lat!*
2008 New Year Countdown
Venue: Office.... OFFICE LAGI!!???
At least this time i'm not the night shift engineer on duty... get to party & monkey around office like it's nobody's business, hehe =p
Come to think of it, it's not a too bad idea after all coz:
1. Save the hassle of cracking heads thinking of an alternative countdown venue
2. Avoid the downtown countdown massive jam
3. Office is nearest to where we're staying
4. Ample parking space; can park right up to the entrance
5. Have the whole venue (office) to ourselves.. well, almost..
6. The unlucky ones on countdown eve graveyard shift gets to join in the action too
7. Economical ~ just tapau some KFC, Pizza Hut, utensils just borrow from the cafeteria upstairs.. no reservations needed, no cover charge...


MrToilet said...

next week i give u the pics in my cam... hehe

cal81 said...

hope to see more nice candid ones... =)