Tuesday, January 15, 2008

This is my 2nd consecutive dine-in at Sushi King, at the latest shopping/hangout joints in town; Boulevard last night, & The Spring just now. Seeing food served on rotating conveyor belt sure whets up my appetite...
So much that by the time i'm done ~
the plates pile up like the leaning Pisa Tower.... keep it up for a couple more nights to come then i'll definitely be high & dry well before the 26th!
The recently opened malls sure does this city justice; now that we shall no longer be associated with the siah-soi-ness of being the only twin-city in Malaysia without a proper shopping mall... =) more lively & bustling hangouts, makes a good 'sightseeing' spot too =p
*massive jam during weekends is a potential turn-off for me... *

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