Friday, August 01, 2008

All in day's work ~ scheduled to be on this weekend's dreaded duty roster, so i took this afternoon off work, just to 'get even'... having had to put up with a demanding job that often leaves me with little control over my own time; long hours, on call-basis 24-7-365, work issues cropping up at the most ungodly hour & the unlikeliest of times (i.e on weekends, in the middle of a vacation), inevitable nasty mis-process screw-ups every now & then & having to eat-dead-cat (somebody has to be the scapegoat) = malang tidak berbau... & all that has got me thinking a lot about my life outside work. Never mind the lucrative OT payouts, but then there comes a time when i start asking myself, it is really worthwhile to be trading so much of my precious time just for the sake of money? Tied down with heavy commitments, such question some cannot even afford to ask. In that sense, i'm lucky to have the luxury of having to do away with these commitments, for the time being. Period. I'm still figuring out my answers to that question. But i do know that now during peaceful times like this (at work), when the activity level is low due to the current bleak global economic climate, i tend to appreciate more, the quality time i get to spend off work.
So okay, done with my rantings ~ i've had quite a productive day off work. No, i did not take leave just so that i could hibernate throughout the afternoon, but i've gotten quite a number of overdue or near overdue tasks completed. Btw, i am a habitual procrastinator... Accomplisments:
1. Restoring order at home: household chores, chores & chores. The whole of my Home Interior Ministry a.k.a mom has been on vacation since last friday & my whole house has turned upside down since.... lots of undone laundry, dishes, cleanings bla, bla, bla... my is not exactly the most tidiest person either, & if i had to depend on her, i will be out of clothes to wear in 2 days time...
Had to restore my current household state to 'acceptable' levels to prepare for the Home Interior Ministry's homecoming tomorrow =p
2. Insurance & road tax renewal for my car ~ for the consecutive last 2 times, my road tax had expired for a month before i realize, so i wanted to be 'well prepared' this time, in case i were to run into some unfortunate encounters. Yet another pocket burning commitment... but the RM625 petrol rebate is going to help buffer it a bit...
3. Claimed consolation $ from 4D (on behalf of my parents); sikit aje... No, i did not strike the 6/52 jackpot. So i will still need go to work tomorrow... =(
4. Got my application for the RHB credit card done ~ all for the sake of getting a DSLR... it is unfortunate that none of my current cards qualify for 0% interese easy payment scheme... *who ask me so hao lien go get a foreign bank's card??
5. Window shopping for DSLR ~ i'm slowly becoming more inclined toward's Canon's camp liao... EOS450D? maybe... =)
After all that, i was still time for a late afternoon nap & woke up just in time for dinner...


Samuel Goh said...

bro... now CIMB's Direct Access gold cards for graduates got this 0% interest free thingy. its free for life somemore. no minimum swipes per year, no need to use 3x for first month, and all those sort of crap. i got mine many years ago and they keep to their words. no annual fee and free for life.

only 2 rules:
1. have to be at least a degree grad (which u r).
2. salary minimum 2k per month (which i bet u have).


cal81 said...

thanks bro, it does sound attractive, but i believe i already have more than enough cards that i can manage.. . the most recent one is solely for the purpose of getting a pricey new toy... =p

Samuel Goh said...

ahhhh... ok. yea. better not have too much of that plastic money. hehehe!