Friday, August 15, 2008

Come to think of it ~ it has been 2 years, 6 months & 8 days since the inaugural post... over 2 years of blogging-ranting-crapping fun to remember by bits & pieces of the ups & downs of my sometimes colorful & sometimes not-so-colorful life, & also tributes to the dear peoples who have left profound positive indents in my life. =)
& I've yet to fill up my profile with a single word! photo header? theme? ~ BLANK! couldn't have sounded more uninspiring... i guess that's why it's appropriately called pieces of me.... too many scattered bits of pieces of me here & there... Okay... nevermind that.
A good buddy of mine is also in the midst of pondering over something along the same line for his blog... he's already got it on his workstation screensaver ~

cunn or not? =p
Just use it, brada! Yours will surely be a HIT!! haha! =D

*on fei-fei's "Your C@mera DO NOT M@tter" ~ very true indeed, i couldn't help but agree... though at this point, i'm already terminally affected with the SLR fever, to resist getting the toy for myself... thanks to persistently pesterings helpful inputs from your hubby, snoopy, louis, my nephiu, jen & loi-kiss.... =o


faithlovechocolate said...

dude... with the research u hav done I hav faith u can choose ur dream camera wisely... dSLR? it's a reachable dream

cal81 said...

yup... very hard to resist with 0% interest 12-month installment! =p

Stitch said...

i think i kena poison too....keep hearing the shutter sound back of my head whole day liao...... saying .~~~ buy me~~~ ~~~buy me~~~ darn!