Sunday, August 17, 2008

For me, it has been a rather peaceful & relaxing weekend at home spent mostly on the couch catching highlights of the Beijing Olympics... & quite a productive one as well ~ Project MG Unicorn now is at 70% *completion literally he's already on his feet in Unicorn mode, minus the decals & weapons ~ more updates to come... * Like with most leisure time spent off work, time really seems to fly-by faster; back to work tomorrow -_-
My neck & shoulders are still aching like crazy from that new rigorous clean-&-jerk weight workout routine incorporated into my gym session yesterday morning... ~ feeling a bit light-headed & dizzy too; need to pop some pills before going to bed... or maybe going for a round of invigorating nocturnal drive would help... haven't had sessions like these for quite a l - o - n - g while...

=p ~ the thrill, adrenaline rush & the sound of music *VTEC at full song* is just so addictive

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