Wednesday, November 19, 2008

anime tracks ~ con't

Have been following a lot of anime series lately, since having my ride stuck at the painter's have somewhat limited my mobility, especially during off-work hours. These are 3 of my favorite themes from the recent anime series i have been watching / completed.

#1 Macross Frontier 2nd Opening Theme: LION ~ this song just captures the essence of the series. Macross Frontier is one of the most recent installment of the quarter-of-a-century old Macross franchise; ~ so is the animation styling, a throwback to the 80s... too old school to my liking; but it's got strong character development & a genius plot which, compelled me to stick to it through thick & thin right to the very end. At the end of the day, i've been converted into Macross fan. *i still love Gundams though*

#2 Naruto Shippuden 3rd Opening Theme: Blue Bird ~ A song of liberation. This series brings back a lot of fond memories of my internship days in Penang from a couple of year back. Back then, the Naruto-craze had just begun; my housemates being crazy all over it, i recall waiting in anticipation for each episode to be aired weekly, downloading them conveniently in office & catching every single episode together on a laptop in our tiny little rented flat.... come to think of it, my ex-room mate even looks like Naruto! =p
The series has long established since, going into the 2nd season after a couple of hundred episodes... one i still enjoy watching sparringly, despite having missed some stretch of episodes here & there in the middle.

#3 Gundam 00 Season 2 1st Opening Theme: Hakanaku mo towa no kanashi ~ need i say more.... one of the most anticipated series in my list. Impressive tracks to go with captivating action graphics & animation... the real plot is just beggining to unravel in season 2... Just watched it up to episode 4.... can't hardly wait for the upcoming ones.... i'm just a sucker for mecha anime series~! ^_*


@pple said...

Yup, donno why but he does look like Naruto...
Is it his orange shirt? Or his spiky hair? Or his smile wrinkles?

Do you still keep the Sasuke figurine?

cal81 said...

yup.... the parting gift... i have 2 of 'em now... =p
yes, he sure does... orange shirt + spiky hair + smile wrinkles + vibrant persona; it's always funny recalling how they're (he & ur roomate) always at loggerheads, in an animated kind of way... heheh