Saturday, November 15, 2008

Stolen R34 GTR

Just helping a fellow Z'thian forumer spread the news & join the search for his stolen precious baby.
It's a Bayside Blue colored Nissan Skyline R34 GTR with number plate JHM35;
Chassis no: BNR34-004751
Engine no: RB260725904
The car was stolen yesterday afternoon from the owner's apartment basement parking lot in Damansara Perdana; may likely be on the way to be shipped/smuggled out ~ here in East M'sia, may not be a probable destination, but still a possiblity. If sighted anywhere near you, please notify the police or 012-6900120
For details please click HERE.
* I feel your pain, blood, sweat & tears. Hope you'll get it back in one piece*


COAX said...

wah, a GTR stolen. Its too obvious to drive it in Malaysia.

cal81 said...

this highly modded one is probably too eye catching to be driving it anywhere... no news abt it yet, so far... maybe it has been smuggled out of the country... that's a sad case..