Sunday, November 23, 2008

Seafood Pouch

This is what they call a 'Seafood Pouch' ~ & it's one of the finest tasting alternative cuisine i have never heard of, until now. It's basically a heavenly assortment of the sea's finest ~ mussels, scrumptious prawns, fish (not sure what fish), sliced squids; swimming in a delicious nyonya-like tasting concoction of gravy ~ all wrapped in a pouch of aluminium foil (hence the name) & grilled to perfection. I heard that this fusion cuisine is already quite well known in Sibu, but one of the few (if not only) local eateries that serve this unique cuisine is a restaurant called Applegreen Cafe obscurely located in one of the shoplots in MJC. They've just started operating very recently & the signboard has yet to come up; but nevermind that, as the saying goes, where good food is served, word of mouth will help spread it like wildfire. =)
Their website's: which, should be helpful to pinpoint the exact location of their premise.

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