Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Last day at work ~

*Warning ~ word-ful post ahead, maybe filled with jargons unknown to non-industry viewers

Dear Friends,
This day has come ~ my last working day with XXXXX. It has been a good 4-years since I first set foot into here, then known as XXXXX as a fresh graduate. Through the years, this journey has taken me through much ups & downs ~ i.e. from the good times of tasting immense satisfaction of succesfully finding closure to specific PSMs after much effort and time put into it; to the hard, frustrating times of having to deal with seemingly endless occurances of 'x-file' inhibitions and surviving Fab SPC (Cpk & OOC) reviews from month to month. Through it all, I have worked, argued, quarelled, laughed and learnt with the best of you. To everyone, THANK YOU for playing such a big part in this very important chapter of my life, especially in terms of my personal and professional growth.
It is time for me to move on and continue on my journey ~ to explore the new and more challenging horizons ahead. So before my outlook mail account gets terminated soon, thanks again for the support, guidance and encouragement, I really appreciate that! My sincere apologies for my mistakes and misbehaviours, if any =p
All the best to you guys, take care & keep in touch!

~ excerpts from my farewell mail which i took a great deal of time just to patch up together. Being in an industry where the staff turnover rate is relatively high, i've amassed a great collection of sometimes inspiring, sometimes funny aside from the usual solemn-formal-like farewell mails from many work comrades who have left before. I can't get any more original than this; i've longed for this day, when it finally came, i was just lost for words. That day was yesterday.
From Miscellaneous

When i returned my cleanroom gown & booties, and surrendered my badge ID after logging out for the one last time, i knew that i'll never set foot into another yellow room again...
It's not the place that i'll miss, but the great company of friends that i've met, which makes my memories here meaningful & worthwhile.
From Miscellaneous

One to be remembered for a long time ~ just one out of the many shots i'll remember my 1st job by... the rest may be too provocative or controversial to post here =p


Loi said...

Cheerrssssssssssssssssssss !!!!!!!!
pass me ur luck bro and I rili rili miss tat last pix!! take care!

Marvin said...


cal81 said...

loi: sure brada! but u need to KL me first.. hahahahaha!=p
marv: thanks bro!=)

ahlost said...

Were you in the last picha? O_O Can't find you ler :D

You all look like ninja wei.. I want that uniform ler :P

cal81 said...

haha! cannot tell u which one... ninja outfit bah, u're not supposed to be able to recognize me in that.. hehe... ha, that's a cleanroom bunny suit, just bring the picha to the tailor & ask him/her to tailor make one for u =p