Monday, May 11, 2009

Short update: lost @ Hartz Chicken ~ 9th May, 2009

Harro ~ happie belated b'day to the fehmes ahlost, thanks for the buffet treat ya! =p
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harro! harro! where are you?? neh,. the smallest one in the middle wearing stripes! ^_*
*picha stolen from the fehmes .... paiseh ah, the pics i took that night did not turn out good... =p


a n n n a said...

lol.. i feel like a supplier! Hahahaha.. It was great meeting up with you all again.

cal81 said...

yeaps... that was a lot of fun! =D ha, so many ppl curi-ed ur photos to update ~ =p

ahlost said...

You're welcome.. Thanks for giving face that evening and thanks for the pressie ;)

cal81 said...

harro, u're most welcome! that was lotsa fun! =D ur face very big wad, hahah!