Monday, May 11, 2009

Shot from the Sunday Club ~ Mother's Day Edition =p

Happy belated mom's day to all the mommies out there! Not quite like the family-like post you'd expect... spent the sunday afternoon basking in the sun with my mate louis, to catch up some adrenaline rush inducing tarmac scorching action yesterday. Just my 2nd time to the event, & oh my, has the congregation grown in size (audience & avid trackers)... race horses from a broad spectrum of high performance breed ~ 350Zs, MR-S, FC & FD RX7s, EVOs 3, 4 & 8, WRX STis ver. 7 & 8, 2 R34 GTRs, 2 GTOs, FD2-R & a handful of A31 cefiros were spotted. In a month or 2 from now, it's going to grow into a weekly fiesta ~ at this rate, the only concern is that the track will be chocked with traffic & there'll be less action to see -_- Was just contented wacthing the action from the sideline this time round, snapped only a handful of pichas...
From Rides

From Rides

a Veilside kitted FD3S ~ a sleek rotary beast that ages well. I still dig the curves of this particular generation of the RX7
From Rides

a purpose built dragster based on the RX7 Savannah chassis ~ it may look like your grandpa's ride, but it sure is freaking fast!
From Rides

Ver.9 Rex squaring up with the dragster ~ the war paint it's spotting *rubber graze marks* is from a nasty introduction with the tire barricade in one nail-biting corner whacking incident during the tracking session earlier... also gone was its carbon fibre front aero lip extension... ouch!
From Rides

The beast leaving the scene ~ this 600+hp Wangan style GTR was featured in Hypertune mag a couple of issues ago... watching this monster tear down the strip at full boost is truly a euphoric experience =p
For more shots, visit my mate's page here!


Lance said...

Whats that black spot on your second pic?

cal81 said...

oh yea, for a while i was wondering what that black spot was... could be some particle on the cover of my lens, probably got swept away right after that, coz i dun see it on my other shots for that day... or maybe i could be an UFO... hahah! =p