Saturday, July 18, 2009

Defensive Driving

One of the many mandatory safety trainings i had to undergo in my course of work is the defensive driving course. Well, as interesting as the name may sound, it actually does not involve any exciting adrenaline pumping advance driving techniques *yawn*; as it is geared more to raising awareness & adopting a safety-first approach in driving. The one-day course was held at a safety training facility which, is an interesting place to be, especially for a 1st-timer like yours truly. Most of the safety training required by the petroleum industry in particular, are conducted in-house here; including the sea survival training ~ pre-requisite for those required to work in off-shore platforms.
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Some of the interesting highlights i witnessed ~ chopper capsize emergency drill; strapped in a heli-deck simulator that gets dunked into water & rotated 180 degree, then having to unstrap to escape from the structure & swim to safety... should be quite an experience to be had!
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There's also the 8m plunge into deep water with simulated waves that swells up to 2 metres!
I shall be looking forward to get my offshore safety passport soon, someday =p
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The fire emergency rescue facility *notice the charred heli-deck & surrounding structures*
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The facility also overlooks a nice view of the seas, with some of the platforms barely visible in the far horizon
After half-a-day of classroom lecture & briefing, we took turns to take out the safety car for a driving assessment; well sort of...
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The ride? An odd looking Persona with auto transmission with multiple cameras mounted on & inside it. 2 on the outside, for the front & rear to record the safety distance maintained of hazards in front or the rear when driving; 2 more inside to capture eye, head & hand movement of the driver to ensure one does all the necessary visual checks on the rear & side mirror & blind corner checks before making lane changes, or braking... Driving behaviour & pattern date is also logged & monitored real-time by a plugged-in laptop ~ all g-force registered during acceleration, braking & swing during cornering, distance maintained between hazards at the front & rear will be recorded and the systems will generate & summarize the driving behaviour & classify accordingly based on the data logged. I think i managed a 'Low-Risk Driver' with a little bit of extra effort... hehe =D
* that wraps up an interesting day away from office*


M said...

Eeee... look like playground! Heheheh...

Fahri said...

Defensive Driving sounds like something Jason Statham would take up before he took the role in Transporter. Lol.

cal81 said...

m: ha, looks like big boys' playground... but it's all serious business down there =D
fahrie: u bet! but it's nothing like that la... maybe i should take up advance driving course next, hehe