Friday, July 17, 2009

short update: back home again...

~ feels good to be back home again, although only for a short while over the weekend... to be around my family & to sleep on a familiar bed; i'd prefer to have an aircond in my room here as well ^_* The flying back and forth part can get a little tiring though, despite miri being only an hour away by air *thankfully*; i'm not a big fan travelling long hours on planes or by buses... Of the frequent domestic flights i've made mostly recently only, i've run into a couple of flight delays, simply because for some unknown reason, some people CHECKED-IN their luggage & but DID NOT board the flight... WTF??!! On this particular flight back, there were 9 M.I.A passengers like that! NINE!! That accounts for 25 minutes of delay to endure in the plane before takeoff... Thankfully the arrival was on time.

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