Monday, October 26, 2009

Excapade Sushi II

Yet another Sushi Feast ~ 23rd October 2009
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* great shot by one of my mates =)
Barely a week after my very 1st trip to the sashimi heaven just across the border, I’ve made a return trip for brunch, since it was a public holiday, this time with my regular lunch/dinner mates. This time round we’ve managed to sample a much larger variety of the goodies, since there were more numbers of eager & hungry tummies to fill Looks like this is going to be quite a frequent affair, especially when there’s a public holiday… =p
Managed to cross the border for a lunch feast, come back & head for the airport in time to catch my flight to KL in the evening for a week-long of SAP training which, commences today.
* stuck in a hotel that charges RM1.90 per minute of surfing!! So I guess I won’t be updating as often =(

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