Friday, October 23, 2009

Excapade Sushi

Ever since i set foot in Miri, i've been hearing people singing praises about this little sushi place just across the border in Brunei. Finally had my chance to check it out only recently when i tagged along with my buddies for a trip to Kuala Belait, one of the towns nearer to the border. That was actually my 2nd trip only to Brunei,. the 1st being a biz trip to the adjacent town of Seria which, is also a mere 45 mins drive from Miri. This little sushi joint had actually spawned into a franchise; offering a huge variety of selection & generous serving portions ~ making it a food haven for sashimi lovers like me =p
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Here's the joint in KB; doesn't look all to grand from the outside, but the ambience inside is just great & the food offerings, heavenly =)
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Catch my drift yet? =p
On our way there, we passed by a bush fire which, was still raging on, on our way back a good couple of hours later... *bush fires are a common sighting here, especially in Miri
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Also managed to do a bit of groceries shopping while we were there. Hauled back quite a bit of ration to fill up my fridge. In the supermarkets there, is easy to tell if you're from across the border; i.e Miri. Coz they'd haul back tons of a certain goodie, by the name of Redondo *like yours truly =p * ~ only costs a mere 1.75 to 3.30 Brunei dollars there; here? RM16 ++ ! wtf!!
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* As i'm typing, i'm also packing up & getting ready to go for another sushi brunch there, then head back straight for the airport to catch my flight to KL this evening... =)


Emmelina said...

Didn't buy for me! Where's mine?!!!

cal81 said...

waiting for u to come claim it from me ma... =p make sure u bring ur passport next time, so i can bring u there =)