Sunday, October 04, 2009

RX-178 MK-II Ver. 2.0 Titans

This is my current project in progress. Split between getting this or the similar RX-178 Mk-II A.E.U.G clad in the conventional color scheme, or just get them both! =p Then one fine day my mate, Valen called up saying he wanted to let go of his Mk-II Titans ~ saving me from this dilemma, hehe. I've really liked the design of the RX-178; it's like a more sophisticated classic Rx-78-2 without going over the top, & the unique color scheme of the Titans prototype version makes it even more exotic.
From Gunpla

Got it on my recent trip back, it comes with some freebies as well, a gunpla special cutting mat; & i bought a sharp 0.3mm tip gunpla lining marker (newly released) which, is basically a pricey mechanical pencil; have yet to try it out though.
Impressive box-art; it's somewhat got a 'limited' edition feel to it. The dimensions of the box has extra height too.
From Gunpla

From Gunpla

It's got as much as 16 runners with some chrome coated parts and a neat looking braided hose for external umbilical controls on the knee, ankle joints & backpack. Cool!


Valen said...

Must update me when this MG RX178 MK-II is done, ok? ^^

cal81 said...

sure thing, bro! done up the torso & backpack adi! =D