Sunday, January 03, 2010

1st Post of the New Decade

This is going to be my 1st post of the year that does not begin with 'My New Year Resolution... ' ~ coz i haven't really started to ponder about it just yet. It just felt like the 1st ten years of this new millennium has passed by in a breeze. I could barely recall what i was doing or thinking, as of this time of the year, 10 years ago. Have gone a long way & matured a great deal since... but the turn of century still felt like it wasn't that long ago. Just wanna count my blessings for all that life has given me, being able to spend time with my loved ones, good company of friends & a job to sustain myself ~ to kickstart 2010 on a bright note =D
Had a blasting good time counting down to usher the new year 2010 the past few days with my darling, & the good company of my buddies ~ "Lih-yu-nion~! finally... yay!"
On sad note, i've just received a tragic news that one of my colleague had perished in an accident in the early morning of the 1st. Going back to office after the year-end break & be missing one familiar face will be mind numbing =(
May she rest in peace...
It goes to remind me that life is short as well, so got to cherish what you have =)

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allen said...

oh dear.. may she rest in peace :(