Sunday, January 24, 2010

Work-In-Progress: MG Exia Ignition Mode

From Gunpla
GN Drive Unit + Weapons Arsenal comprising of a GN Sword, GN Short & Long Blade, and GN Shield


ah nel said...

i thot thre will be a post of ur upcoming big project which will drools me and ur readers...huhu..white stallion arrv tmr for new fresh touch time i saw 3**9 i wil stay far far.. :P

cal81 said...

haha, be patient bro... i haven't got any pics of the progress yet; pretty excited about it too! haha... now this mini exia project is just to keep me from being to restless while i wait for my white stallion to rejuvenate =p

Arein said...

Would you be building the repair one? And would you be getting the GN-X?

cal81 said...

hi arien! i'll be building the standard one first, then only convert to the repair version, since all e parts come with the ignition mode kit ~ got an extra gn drive led unit as well =)
the gn-x looks quite impressive as well, planning to get it but not too soon, coz i need to fund my other project at the moment =p