Friday, January 08, 2010

Yet another Gunpla mini-project

SD Blu Duel Gundam @ GAT-X 1022 from SEED Stargazer series
From Gunpla

From Gunpla

From Gunpla

I'd get a small project like these every now & then just to keep the modeling bug at bay... =p
Now i'm figuring whether to get the remaining 2 BBs from this Stargazer series as well, namely the Strike Noir Gundam & Verde Buster Gundam (just like i did with the whole lineup of BB Zakus from SEED Destiny) =)


Valen said...

Very nice bro...i got this SD and SD Strike Noir, but i don't hv Verde Buster. Will try to look for u^^

cal81 said...

thanks bro, do let me know if got kang tao for both =)