Monday, November 19, 2007

Haven't had much to post about lately, & finally it's back to blogging about some robots... =p .Just some updated photos on my Gundams shot with my W810. Kind of sub-par in quality (the photographs),. maybe it's just lousy room lighting... or maybe it's about time i added a REAL SLR camera on my wishlist. If i were to get anymore serious on Gunpla-ing, it's about time for me to get one, just so i could snap photos of 'em Gundams in full glory. I might want to add a proper display showcase as well, as the meticulously constructed specimens of mine are already starting to collect dust on display stands perched on my desktop. Now that i'm done with both, my hands are already itching to get busy on another new project.... MG Destiny?

That's one very FEASIBLE project to own *hint* b'day wish =p

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