Sunday, November 04, 2007

Need a Speed Fix?

A WHOOPING 283km/h @ 9826rpm ~ clocked at Kuching-Serian highway...One has got to have balls of steel (& outta his mind) to be pushing it this extreme at any place other venue not named SIC (Sepang International Circuit)...

The suspect: A 4G93T powered Mitsu Lancer GSR boosting @ 1.2bar. What's with the stratospheric near 10K rpm shifting point?? (near god-like for turbocharged machines) ~ attainable with upgraded valve springs + retuned ECU (speed & rev cut removed) + properly sorted intake & exhaust system according to the owner.... That puny sized stock intercooler has got to go to make way for a more appropriate massive one to effectively sort out the frequent overheat problem.

No big kahuna fart cannon exhaust in sight??? Those massive twin 3.5" genuine Kakimoto mufflers had just recently been removed ~ so damned low that they could hardly clear the car porch ramp.... So a civilised stock back box is fitted snugly in place, till the owner decides to have another Sunday Cup weekend...

The other badass ride... TR Monster Satria

The w-i-d-e-s-t & nicest looking one in town. One you would hate to meet at any Autoshow if you're a competitor, coz this baby just sweeps the competition away!

A massive 19" bling-blings would do this baby justice.... believe me, it's already in the pipeline for the insane owner..

Meet the other personalities at home...

My quest for more power / powerful rides is always met with a typical response from the elders a.k.a mom/dad:
Siao ah? Kuching where got highwaty to drive that fast?? I tend to get that a lot... -_- ... though, have done:
190+km/h along Bako expressway in my humble civic
180km/h along Samajaya FIZ highway again in my daily ride
180km/h (maxing out 3rd gear) along a deserted lorong somewhere in Sejingkat industrial area in a 3SGTE MR2
170+km/h in a crazy buddy's auto civic EG9
Another crazy fella just did 280+km/h... whoa, i just hope he'll take me along for a ride when he goes on another spirited drive! =p

On an endnote: i hereby declare that i do not condone dangerous driving or street racing... one should seek to understand one's ride & one's driving abilities, well enough before starting pushing the limits. Be a responsible driver on the road =)

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