Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Test Drive ~ nothing excites a petrol-head like me as much as this. After nearly 2 years of driving fun & excitement with my lil’ VTEC toy, I’ve decided it’s about time for an upgrade to a bigger league. So out with my aging Civic & in with the new.

Had been meticulously hunting for a prospective ‘new family member’ at every major car dealership in town over the weekend. When it comes to getting a new ride, what most people have in mind is a mode of private transport that gets them from point A to point B, comfort & practicality appeal, economicality ~ maintenance ease & how much to the gallon?, whether it’s got good resale value, whether your in-laws would like it…. Etc. Well, I’m not most people. How fast it can get me from point A to point B is also equally important, as much as street credibility presence... I need a ride with an attitude, man…

Been looking at performance rides along the lines of EVOs, WRXs, Skylines & 350Zs. Checked out a couple of Skyline GT-Ts, an R34 GTR, Scooby WRX STis & an odd 350Z or two ~ generally belonging to the upper echelons of the Jap supercars with super inflated price tags attached coz of the hefty import duties imposed… though it’s something I’ll try to live with =p

The finalists:

A white Scooby WRX ~ AWD packing serious powah, that distinctive & addictive boxer throaty rumble…. but maintenance wise not an easy daily driver to live with

The legendary Integra DC5 Type R ~ I’d gladly stick to the Honda stable, but I’ve really wanted to explore a different kind of ride, preferably an RWD or with a siput turbo.

It finally came down to a tie between

The sleek & sexy Toyota MRS ~ light as a feather & handles sweeter. Definitely a head turner & chick magnet….

The revolutionary Mazda RX-8 ~ a rotary dream packing much more power & looks no less imposing in presence… & it's RWD babeh!

Seeing a Mazdaspeed kitted version in presence just makes me drool…. But sadly this one’s got no STICK! Most examples available or running around town are semi-autos (same case with the MRS & etc) = potong stim… ~ auto trannies & paddle shifters are for SISSIES. Real men ride with their STICKs. Damn those automakers, why can’t they make cars old school style & give them real STICKs.

It’s becoming apparent that my affection for the rotary dream is gradually shining through & finally, like an answer to my prayers…. I’ve hit home run! A pristine Type-S 6-speed manual 255hp RX-8 showed up right before my eyes… freshly out from the port! This is it! I’ve got to have this baby!

A recond ’04 model with fairly low mileage & engine bay so squeaky clean you could almost lick it!

This baby is mine to take home for RM160,000++


Ha, actually a lucky pair of colleagues of mine would be realizing their Rotary Dream soon, & I just can’t hardly contain myself from sharing their excitement! =) *grin*grin*

These ‘stolen photos’ are courtesy of Fei-Fei, co-pilot of the soon-to-be owner. *I’m already glowing green with envy* I WANT! I WANT!

Personally, I’d go with the gun metal grey color scheme… but I can’t afford one well enough… just yet. So I’ll have to be contented dreaming & fantasizing about it. Period.

Like MrToilet put it: We can afford oso wat, we just share-share among the 3 of us lar

RM 155/3 = 51.7K

Full loan only RM700 – 800 per person for like 7 years?

1 week / 3 = one person drives an average of 2 times / day a week

What the heck! 1 kaki handbrake drifter + 2 kaki heavy-foot syndrome drivers, the car sure is going to be taking a lot of abuse ~ that’s the whole point of getting a performance ride in the first place! Just before going over enthusiastic throwing the car around the bends ~ got to bear in mind that those massive 18” inch rubbers can fetch up to a whooping RM1K+ a piece…. & I though my 15” Advan Neovas were pricey. So, still having 2nd thoughts to go drifting with it?

To be continued in my dream tonight… hehe =p


MrToilet said...

I promiseeeeeeeee i wont touch that hand brake... lets go buy one la!!!!!! Siport car lei... imagine going to soho with that!!!

cal81 said...

let's go test drive one this weekend?