Saturday, November 03, 2007

Strike I.W.S.P Worklog ~ an ironic twist of fate had rendered me un-mobile & decide to stay home to lay the final bricks to complete (minus decals) this long overdue 'project' ...

Impressive display of knee-ability ~ one of the great hallmarks of the MG kits

Strike IWSP ikimasu!

The Strike has got a sturdy build & amazing agility, but it's the awesome IWSP package & massive Gatling Gun Shield that sets it apart ~ also the reason it got on my must-have wishlist =)
*P/s Santalouis: hope u'll get ur Gundam deliver soon; MrToilet & Gameniac: get urs ready soon so we can all have another Gundam orgy! muahaha.... =p

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Louis said...

whoa... you have completed assembling your iwsp. i havent even gotten mine yet. stupid seller forgot to send. maikuku~~~ but after much nagging from me, he promised to send me a SD gundam.