Wednesday, April 25, 2007

The much-anticipated announcement of regulated OT reinstatement, justified salary adjustment, & opportunities for promotion, plus a bright projection on potential bonuses to be bagged is a welcome sound of music to most, especially after enduring the anxiety-stricken recent months in eerie silence & with little motivation. Good times, bad times come & go. An organization's effort to better treat its people has always been a motivation driving factor & should be well appreciated & applauded. It's has come as a sigh of relief, more understandably so for settled-down people with families & commitments. I sincerely share the joys of my fellow colleagues, though i have been less thrilled or perhaps jaded; I'm probably on a different page than most. Do i stay put in my comfort zone, wait to chance upon the company's reasonably positive prospect projections in the foreseeable future ~ in short, playing 'safe'?
Or do i let my instincts decide; step out into the unknown, set out on a self-discovery journey & challenge myself to scale greater heights, with aspirations live a more exciting & fulfilling life. Perhaps it would have been easier if my mind is structured like most ppls', whose main priority being $$. To me, things that money can't buy in life matters just as much, sometimes, more.
A reason to find, a decision to make & to stick to...

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marv_ said...

go for the unknown.