Sunday, April 01, 2007

Tax ReliefHeadache ~ now comes the time of the year when earnest wage earners like most of us get to carry out our duties as good Malaysian citizens; start getting busy filling up income tax forms. I've got a problem no problem with paying taxes (i'm not that ridiculously paid... yet), i just really dread the filling forms part. Reminds me of tedious finger-cramp inducing uni-application form filling affair from years ago. Believe me, it takes more effort for a lefty, like me. Which also explains why we tend to have dreadful handwritings.
Back to the issue, i heard they have introduced an e-filling thingy, which i have yet to figure out. I guess, i'll just get my PA mom to fill it for me... just like before, hehe =p
The arrival of these BE forms had prompted me to take a deep look at my financial well-being. It's a sad case to know you've earned, for the past 2 years, the equivalent of a brand new mid-level japanese sedan car but your bank book reads like an account of an income-less uni student. I definitely need to learn a thing or two abot controlling & managing my financial future... & of course, i need i higher paying job!

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