Sunday, July 29, 2007

CivicType R
The Type R models were first conceived for racetracks ~ street-legal performance oriented driving machines equipped with tuned potent VTEC engines, refined suspension setups, close-ratio manual gearbox & extensive weight reduction. Creme' of the crop of the Civic models, the Civic Type R is arguably the most famous of the Type R breed, having attained a cult status worldwide; one hot hatch any petrolheads like me can definitely identify with.
EG6 SiR2 ('92 - '96)
Engine: B16A2 DOHC VTEC (1.6L)
Output: 170ps @ 7800rpm, 16.0kg-m @ 7300rpm
Redline: 8200rpm
The closest you can get to a Type R before the first official CTR model rolled out. The current powerplant i'm running in my ride. Costed me an arm & a leg. Good enough to clock a 7s flat 0-100km/h run. Also good waking up the neighbourhood when tearing down the lorong & engaging the VTEC at full throttle.

EK9 ~ 1st Gen. CTR ('96 - '99)
Engine: B16B DOHC VTEC (1.6L)
Output: 185ps @ 8200rpm, 16.3kg-m @ 7600rpm
Redline: 9000rpm
This has always been my dream ride. The best looking CTRs to date. The B16B power plant boasted the highest output per litre all time for an NA engine at 185ps from a compact 1.6L engine; which is greater than that of a Ferrari Modena 360! Probably the reason why a B16B complete halfcut costs as much as a 2nd hand kancil.

EP3 ~ 2nd Gen. CTR ('01 - onwards)
Engine: K20A DOHC i-VTEC (2.0L)
Output: 215ps @ ?? rpm
Redline: 9000rpm?
The least popular of the CTRs, probably the ugliest looking of them all, though it still remains a solid performer. I call it the fat ballerina. This is 1st CTR to get it's powerplant boosted to 2.0L & uses the more refined & powerful but less exciting i-VTEC. Also gets a 6-speed manual tranny.

* Have always loved the hatchback version ~ shorter wheelbase=sharper turn-in + quicker response, weights less = no better tuning than weight reduction, plus hot hatches = chick magnet;
Damn, i should have gotten a hatchback...

FD2 ~ 3rd Gen. CTR ('07 onwards)
Engine: K20A3 DOHC i-VTEC (2.0L)

Output: 225ps @ 8000rpm, 22.0kg-m @ 6100rpm
Redline: 9000rpm??
Transmission: close-ratio 6-speed manual
Another 1st (CTR) to use a 4-door sedan chassis but still performs impressively. Definitely a looker & gives Civic enthusiast all over something to be excited & shout about. At least now they have a real alternative; most of the lesser run-of-the-mill FD Civics running around have non-performance oriented engines & lame auto-trannies fitted. Handsome & dashing on the outside but nothing under the hood.
The 2007 Civic Type R comes to save the day, but expect a very hefty price tag attached. Got a Type R?

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