Saturday, July 21, 2007

~ Transformers The Movie ~ Grabbed a copy of the re-mastered DVD recently to relive the magical moments of my childhood passion. Still enjoyed every single bits of it, in pretty much the entralled way i did, watching the movie as a little kid. This one's so good that it was light years ahead of its time (it was 1st released back in 1986, mind you). Excellent cell animation, catchy theme song (re-done?) & stellar voice acting; i had every reason to believe the animation had to be of Japanese roots. I'm a big fan of Japanese anime, & have always thought them to be of superior quality with broader appeal to the masses, young & old compared to the lame kiddy ones their western counterpart usually come up with. Suprisingly, this superb animation is not. This nostalgic movie had such a profound impact on me; witnessing Optimus Prime's death at the hands of Megatron had me wondering what will the world do without Optimus Prime??? .. as a little kid lah.
Now i'm still trying hard to remember where i was the day Optimus Prime died...

Proof that
Transformersmania is NOT a guy only thing (gals love them too)
#1 My sis hogged the Transformers DVD the very next morning. Had to raid her room to get it back.
#2 Somebody (a girl) came up with an interesting Bumblebeemania post: okay, so it's actually Bumblebeenia; sorry ah, typo error =p
Yups, Bumblebee's (the real deal) on eBay

No, not the 2009 prototype Camaro
& Ms. hottie not included

Here it is! Sam Witwicky's 1st ride ~ the screen used 1977 yellow Chevy Camaro
NOTE: Car is real, driveable & streetlegal. It does NOT TRANSFORM or drives itself

When i last checked a couple of days ago, it was bidding at a high of USD31,000. It's no longer there though, somebody must have bought it over at a premium cost. However, according to some unsigned source, the car was last spotted in Mexico, with a makeover job Pimp-My-Ride style...

Haha! =p

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