Wednesday, July 11, 2007

~(m)u~ live: Arena Tour 2006 DVD
Received the delivery fairly early, much earlier than the 2 weeks waiting period; but after having to collect it personally from PosLaju & getting taxed by the Kastam. 20% import duty + 10% sales tax. Damn. Dunno why my previous purchase went by untaxed. It was an import too afterall. When asked for the taxable item list, the nice fella in blues handed me a brick-thick M'sian bible of taxes. Who'd be so darned free to cough up a compilation of such magnitude, i wonder? It's just so mind boggling. or maybe i'm just being plain ignorant.
The online retail price was only USD25.75 which translates to about less than Rm90. The only copy i managed to source at Kenyalang costed Rm118. I guess the differentials come in when u factor in the taxes which, i forgot to. Still got it for cheaper than market price, thanks to that fella in blues, letting me name whatever the price was; partly coz there were no pricelist attached with the package. So i get to ring out any reasonable sounding number. Just tell them it cost a mere USD10. But, sadly i was too honest to call for anything less than USD20. So i actually paid Rm20.20 in taxes.

Back to the DVD ~ this one's got all the songs from her least-liked albums to date ~(miss)understood~. Perhaps coz it's an experimental album covering multitudes of genres & sounded very un-ayumi; which, sort of alienated some fans, yet won as much accolades from many as well. It's pretty much like a love-it of hate-it affair.
Personally, i really miss the rocking days from her Rainbow era; though i'd just be as eager to sample her new masterpieces. There aren't many bold enough to always take up the challenge of trying out something new; most just like to play safe & stick to what sells best. Got to give her credit for that ~ she's always reinventing herself, & have always pulled it out with a good measure of success, again & again. I guess that's why she's got so much staying power ~ been almost a decade now.
Have always loved her concerts; i'd pay tons of $$ to watch her perform live. Maybe someday, one day...


marv_ said...

never tot u be doing such crazy things... buying music dvds..

i asked my friend to get me 'sigur ros' n 'shiina ringo' cd when they were abroad.
just hope to get nine inch nails live dvd only..haha,

cal81 said...

shiina ringo... she's got a very unique voice... one of my pal's into her music, got tons of her stuff. can easily source the dvds in s'pore