Thursday, July 26, 2007

Nitro-Tech has landed!
5.29 lbs in 2 weeks. That's how much i've shrunk (in terms of weight) over the past 2 weeks; thanks to an endless streak of major workshit issues cropping up one after another like it's the end of the world. Boy, i'm just so in love with my job. Hey, those numbers would make any contestant on the Lose It Program darn proud; if i was on the other end of the weigh scale, that is. Long hours coupled with heart-attack-inducing stresses is just about the most effective weight-loss program around. Hey, wassup with u? u look scrawny like a druggie with those sunken eyes ~ is probably the best compliment i got, lately. Heh =p
At 168cm, i need to beef up to the 60-ish kg region (which i have barely hit before) to not look like one.
Dietary supplement to the rescue. Now that the tirade of worksh!ts have subsided a little to more humanely survivable standard, it's back to the regular pumping sessions at the gym. Just had the Nitro-Tech Hardcore from Muscletech delivered to my doorstep today. It's basically a designer's musclebuilding advance whey protein ~ powered by state-of-the-art Nanomolecular Hyperdispersion Technology ~ oo.. some biotechie jargon sounding terms that had me scratching my head trying to figure out just what the heck it is. In layman's term: it accelerates muscle metabolism to build muscle fast, by optimizing nitrogen retention, nutrient absorption, protein synthesis & cellular regeneration to trigger an anabolic environment. Now that is as layman as it gets. Gain up to 8.4lbs in 14 days! with the proper workouts, of course. Hmmm.. at RM350++ for a can (4lbs) plus a freebie t-shirt, this is anything but cheap. Definitely need to get my $$ worth out of this.

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