Saturday, March 07, 2009

For Sale: Monster Ride ~ H22A Powered EG3!

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* Aperture prioriy f16; 1/30; ISO200; EV -1
* All shots taken using EOS450D + EFS 18-55mm standard kit lens
* Model: Honda Civic EG3
* Shoot Venue: Civic Centre, Kuching

This is probably one of the finest specimen of the EG hatchback i have seen, to date. Fully pimped Euro-style ~ an ultra cool snazzy bodykit complimented with smoked projector headlamps, flashy LED rear lights & rolling on huge 17" wheels with an equal bling factor; this distinct hot hatch can be seen prowling the streets of Kuching occasionally. In case you're wondering whether this ride has got the GO to match its Fast & Furious look ~ be forewarned, this car is no slouch! ~ despite all the excess baggage from elaborate party dress it wears. This ride runs on a transplanted H22A engine a.k.a the Prelude's signature high-performance engine ~ a 2.2 liter 4 cyclinder VTEC banger which is capable of producing up to 210ps!! For a small NA car of this size, that translates to a very desirable amount of power-to-weight ratio, just imagine the amount of torque the engine generates! With an engine setup like this, now who needs turbos anymore? =p
Though i'm not sure how does alteration of the front-rear weight ratio of the vehicle due to the bigger & heavier power plant affects the handling, but there's no doubt about the top end power it makes & the very high speeds it is capable of reaching. According to the owner, he's clocked speeds well in excess of 200km/h down the Simpang Tiga straights with this ride. Performance wise, this ride has been beefed up with the must-have upgrades ~ intake, exhaust upgrades & after market ECU. Interesting to note is the exhaust setup, starting from the Mugen 4-2-1 header down to the 3" ??!! exhaust piping capped with a Blitz Nur Spec muffler ~ makes for a pleasant audible exhaust tone. Braking system is also beefed up with disc brakes all on all fours, from the Accord & Koni coilovers are employed to improve the handling.
Now, let the pictures do justice =)

As the pictures speak for themselves ~ much time, sweat, blood & $ has been poured into the making & pimping of this baby. Now this baby is looking for a new proud enthusiast owner, who understands & appreciates the the hardwork & toiling put in building a project car, & enjoys exploiting the finer details of driving a tuned car; at the right $$, of course. For more details, the owner can be reached at 016-8668890

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