Saturday, March 14, 2009

Potrait Shots: loigoh

A brother, a buddy & a colleague...
From Potraits
* manual mode; 1/30; f2.8; ISO400 + ETTL

to those close & dear, he is affectionately known as sexy ~

* manual mode; 1/60; f2.5; ISO200 + ETTL -2/3

truly a genuine & unique friend, who leaves deep imprints in the lives of those priviledged ones who know him personally ~ as one vibrant & enthusiastic wacky head, usually ham sup too with contageous laughter & has the rare *humbling* ability to laugh at himself just to brighten up the day for others =p

Potrait shots Take3: doing the mic-lam *the signature eyes rolled upwards* =p

* manual mode; 1/80; f4.5; ISO200 + ETTL -1

Potrait shots Take4: doing the terence chong chichi signature look =D

* manual mode; 1/80; f1.8; ISO200 + ETTL -1

Potrait shots Take5: The post orgasm look. Rest assured, this is not a photoshoot for any AV (adult video) cover, really!

* manual mode; 1/80; f1.8; ISO200 + ETTL -1

my brada just wants some potrait shots to construct his new blog header =)

loigoh has now officially moved to
Harap maklum ^_*

* shot using EOS450D + EF50mm f1.8 II lens + Speedlite 580 EXII in monochrome picture style
* shot by yours truly; except the last picha by loigoh
* 50mm lens & speedlite courtesy of loigoh


Ehon said...

exposure a bit weird. i reckon more photoshop would have been better! :) i would have tweaked the exposure or combine some layers.

otherwise, interesting portraits.

cal81 said...

trying to do without too much ps these days, except for levels, contrast & color auto tweaking... thanks for the feedbacks! =)

Louis said...

no offense, but seriously gay bro...

cal81 said...

ha, biasala... experimental posing may get a little out of hand & turn out like this sometimes..*like in the fab, always* But rest assured, there were no rear entry violations during the course of the photoshoot...hahahaha! =p