Sunday, March 08, 2009

Random Shots: An Afternoon of Tarmac Scorching Fun

From Rides

* 1/100; f13; ISO200
From Rides

*Shutter priority 1/60; f13, ISO100
From Rides

*Shutter priority 1/60; f14, ISO100

The rides:
1. FC RX7
2. S15
3. 350Z
4. FD RX7
5. Veilside kitted RX8 (non-participating)
6. Caldina GT4 (non-participating)
7. EG6 (non-participating)
8. EG9 (non-participating)
9. Focus RS (non-participating)

Undisclosed empty parking lot in downtown

* All shots taken using EOS450D + EFS 18-55mm standard kit lens


Louis said...

never invite pun~~~

cal81 said...

ha, coz it wasn't planned one.. just spotted some drift cars at a tyre shop ready for action & we just followed them... =p

cal81 said...

bo liao lo! bo liao lo! =p