Sunday, March 01, 2009

Grassroots Honda

* Aperture prioriy 1/200; f22; ISO200
* All shots taken using EOS450D + EFS 18-55mm standard kit lens

Staying true to the JDM spirit, keeping it simple coz sometimes less is more. This ultra cool ride belongs to a buddy of mine who's equally as crazy about tuning cars; VTEC Hondas in particular, as i am. Since we're both driving exactly the same model of car, clad in the same color & with similar level of modifications, we've always wanted to do a twin-car photoshoot; but unfortunately i got into a mishap not too long ago in which, i side-swiped my ride unto a tree...
Getting back to our subject of interest:

~ basking in the sun in all its pristine white glory. The clean & sleek lines of the EG still looks refreshing *not to be messed with flimsy ah-beng bodykits + tiang-sidai-kain spoiler + 'kedai abang' caplang stickers*, it's hard to imagine that this model is almost 2 decades old already! In case you're wondering, the 'R' emblem is not just for show...

At the heart of it all is the venerable B16B powerplant sourced from the highly coveted EK9 Civic Type-R. As a partner-in-crime whom i've had a couple of impromtu street races with, i hate to admit it; but i really had a hard time keeping pace with this ride! Ah, the thrill of a VTEC speed fix... i'm beginning to really miss that already. This cammed B16B sounds crazy at wide-open-throttle when the VTEC kicks in at full song from 6,000 rpm onwards all the way to the redline!

Tasteful & purposeful 15" SSR wheels... This is the ride's how-many-eth set of wheels. The owner simply changes his wheels like changing new shoes! =p

A full EG9 interior with a steering wheel cannibalized from a DC2

That's all folks!
'Wet wet... sampai seluar dalam basah. haha!' is as best a compliment i could get from the owner, after he previewed my teaser shot of the shoot! =p I'm just finding ways to take my passion for cars to another level thru photography. =)
*If all goes according to plan, i'll be scheduled to shoot a monster hatchback the next coming weekend... oh, boy i'm getting excited! =D Plus, my someone special is coming back soon... bringing along that special edition starbucks tumbler that i always thought of getting! yeay! yeay! =D


Funkye said...

nice nice....very big enuf..

Norman Goh said...

nice one....probably in HDR will be nicer...

cal81 said...

frankie: well, thanks to u that i finally figured out how to get it to appear bigger.. =D
norman: haha, i thought so too, but i always forget to bring along tripod... lazy bah... =p

Anonymous said...

Hahaha, I figured out dy tooooo!!!!

ahlost said...

Too big for your template..

or is it just my side o_O

cal81 said...

m: oo, u using =p
ahlost: ha, i just seem to like it this way... header pic need to appear bigger baru nampak dramatic bah! =p

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cal81 said...


ahlost said...

Hahaha.. got spam !!

cal81 said...

xp ~!

Funkye said...

omg spammed in so many languages somemore..1st time i saw such thing!

cal81 said...

wah, now dat u mentioned i din even noticed earlier.. hehe... tis post got global appeal bah! hahaha! =p in a very random kind of way...

Samuel Goh said...


That's a very nice Starbucks tumbler! ;o)

cal81 said...

sam: haha! memang sidetrack indeed, pakai smallest font lagi! a pleasant suprise =D

Samuel Goh said...

Hahaha! It goes to show, I read everything. Hiakz! Or maybe its just the starbucks word that struck me.

cal81 said...

sam: ha, i'm really glad that u do! though i think it's probably the latter la... heheh =p
*more starbucks for u in upcoming post~! ^_*