Monday, March 02, 2009

Grassroots Honda: Panning Shots

The term 'pan' is the contraction of the word panorama and implies the horizontal scanning of a scene. The pan shot is more often used, however, for the purpose of following action or of giving movement to a scene that otherwise would be static. The pan has two main functions; first, to direct the attention from one place to another; second, to follow action or movement ~ (quoted from somewhere...)

From Rides
Panning shot ~ Take 1
Comment: 1st ever attempt at taking panning shots
Feeling: Clueless as ever, coz did not do homework *readup on how-to*; just simply hantam in burst mode
Settings: Shutter priority 1/00; f16; ISO100; EV -1
Verdict: CMI ~ Cannot-Make-It... coz this is about the only good shot

From Rides
~ Take 2: The Not-So-Pan Shot Pan Shot *like this also can call pan shot ka?? nothing, i just dig this accidental picture composition

From Rides
~ Take 3: The 9-Shots

* All shots taken using EOS450D + EFS 18-55mm standard kit lens

Overall Verdict: I need to practice more...


Kristopher said...

if i'm not mistaken, i saw this white monster roaring down at the Sekama road last evening. :)

cal81 said...

haha, it's always up & about... roaring? ha, the owner always insists that he's a delicate driver though... i guess he's just getting his daily vtec fix =p

Kee Yew said...

Your panning didn't really work leh.. shuttle speed to fast i guess. Who's driving for you to pan huh? Here are some of my previous panning shots.

cal81 said...

kee yew: hey, those are great shots bro! yups... i think i set my shutter speed to fast then... practics more, i must... =D
thanks for the comments!

Kee Yew said...

u misunderstand my statement, i mean your shuttle speed too fast. Need to use slower one.. the slower it is the better the effect is, of course the harder to shoot.

cal81 said...

will keep that in mind next time i get another shot it =)