Saturday, April 18, 2009

Playing Tag 666

~ tagged by Fiona ~ How to? ~ Go to your sixth picture folder and post the sixth picture in the folder, then tag 6 people!
From Miscellaneous
Tadaa ~ for my case, this picha from ages ago showed up! Taken during my final semester in uni at my friend's rented place; a groupie of my coursemate buddies, some of whom i haven't seen for years now. Yups, we were once young like that... felt like just a blink of an eye ago. Oh, how time flies... =)

Now i'm going to tag another 6:







666 ~ devilish number?


Kino said...

ah.... the good old time...

ahlost said...

Wahraoo.. kena tag by you also O_O


Oklar.. Good also.. I can do it in one post since both you and M tagged the same thing.. kekeke...

cal81 said...

kino: ah yess.... it's been a good half-a-decade since.... =)
ahlost: okie, okie... we waiting for ur 666 post... heheh

ahlost said...

done with the tag... Complain file close *LOL*