Thursday, April 02, 2009

Singapore Trip: Sis' Convocation Ceremony

I had a short couple of days un-paid leave (common cost-reduction measures in the corporate world in this uncertain economic climate) break in Singapore to attend my sister’s convocation last week. This populous little island neighbor has been my family’s most frequented holiday destination since I was a little kid. Having most of my relatives, especially aunts & cousins from mom’s side currently residing there, we always had a place to stay whenever we go for a visit, without having to put up exorbitantly pricey hotel accommodations. It’s become like a home away from home for me; I’ve gotten well acquainted with the city after a couple of visits, thanks to the super efficient & tourist friendly public transport system. I actually enjoy exploring the city on my own, meeting & catching up with friends working there over a cup of coffee. I like how everything is so orderly, convenient, so squeaky clean & safe over there, a huge contrast from JB in the mainland just across the causeway. I guess that’s the gap between a 1st world country & a 1st world country wannabe. Though, the much faster & hectic pace of life there would take some getting used to. There’s always something new & exciting to see, each time I drop by for a visit, though the difference may just be mere months. The Marina Sands is progressing quite fast, & so is the Universal Studios at Sentosa, expected to welcome its 1st visitors end of next year. Going over has always been very family-affair, catching up with aunts, uncles & cousins who’d generously pamper & keep us well fed =D

This time wasn’t any different; it’s the first time we’ve gone out together in full force(my dad, mom, sis & me) for vacation in years. Shared the room with my mom & dad which, I haven’t done so since I was a little kid (when we used to stay under a roof with all of dad’s other sibling’s family). By the end of the trip I sported panda eyes, coz I had to cope with both of the snoring choo-choo trains going off early at night! =p

Brought my camera gear along; there were many interesting subjects to shoot during the course of the trip, but the shutter bug was also on vacation… the prospect of hauling my bulky camera gear along thru the MRT onto the crowded streets of Orchard Road or City Hall did not seem inviting… maybe I should come along with a kaki-photographer fellow traveler next time…

I graduated again!

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Took some family photos at a studio on the morning of my sis’ convocation day ~ for SGD250!!!

The only time I took the lens cover off was for the convocation ceremony at Orchard Hotel. Here are some of the shots:

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Congrats sis ~ you’ve finally graduated!

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~ the ‘V’ictory sign is about the only pose she knows… -_-

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Quite a grand venue but a relatively small scale function with only handful of international graduates from all over ~ have seen quite a number of Malaysians, Indonesian, Filipino, Hongkie, Indians & an African but only a handful of Singaporeans. Small scale coz the main ceremony is held at the main campus in Australia & there's also another at KL…i think

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Eagerly waiting for the defining moment…

*didn’t get a good shot here, but we already paid SGD50 for the convo photos which should come out in a weeks time*

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One for the family… except for the ang moh who came out of nowhere ^_*

* now that the PC fair is coming to town this weekend, my sis' definitely going to bug me to get her that EeePC as her graduation gift... xp *

That's all folks! =)

Shots from my previous trip:

Day01 ~ Part I

Day01~ Part II




ahlost said...

You graduated again? O_+

and *LOL* at the last picha !! Kacau only la that angmoh *LOL*

cal81 said...

haha! borrowed one to pose in just for the family photos... hehe =p
yala... that ang moh very spontaneous... i think he's had quite some rounds of drinks...