Wednesday, July 09, 2008

~ Day01 continued*

Camwhoring around Boat Quay... & Marina Bay area

The Esplanade ~ a world class durian of a state-of-the-art performing arts centre

Across bay, the construction of Marina Bay Sands Resort & Casino in progress ~ the other one of the two casinos to be opened that does not belong to Uncle Lim

A fellow Kuchingnite & ex-collegue, Edwin who now works for 2nd Silicon...

travelled all the way from Woodlands right after work just to catch up over Carls Junior jumbo meal; really appreciate that, mate! =)

& then off, to yet another Jumbo meal at Clarke Quay courtesy of our Cubit vendors, Mr Kim & Mr Ervin

what better place to chillout after a meal of chilly crabs than at Hooters!

Didn't know that they're now in Singapore too...

Hooters girls sure make me blush

& make my Guiness Stout taste better too =p

*identity of ham chu sao perpetrator protected due to status sensitive concern* Haha! =p


faithlovechocolate said...

hahah... i din know S'pore hav hooters... your luck is so good lar... go buy toto liaw

cal81 said...

yea hor... bought 6/52 lucky pick on that wednesday before i left, have yet to check.... maybe i kena liao! =D
*if u dun see me at work tomorrow, then u know la... haha =p *