Thursday, July 10, 2008

my favourite-est shot of the trip

~ a night view of Toa Payoh skyline from the 10th floor of a HDB flat;
Settings: ISO 80, aperture ~ F2.8, shutter speed ~ 6s (felt like an eternity just to take the shot), with flash & perched on a standstill at the edge of the veranda (luckily did not encounter strong gush of wind that will likely blow my camera off & send it tumbling, crashing down 10 storeys to the ground) =p

~ & its day time equivalent shot;
Settings: ISO 80, aperture ~ F7.0, shutter speed ~ 1/180 without flash
Okies, the camera was in auto mode all along. I'm still a noob at this; just experimenting & trying to figure out the suitable settings to use when taking shots. It's a good thing that its got shot settings recall mode for the photos taken. *All photos of this trip was taken using a point-and-shoot Samsung L100 digicam. What's next ~ investing in a entry level dSLR? =D

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