Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Auto-pilot mode on mundane working-weekdays...

us lethargic creatures come to life on weekends when we find all the reason in the world to party like crazee & yell "Hey, pea butt there!"

Starting with Friday nite bash at Soho ~

pre-celebration for Ms Sawadeeka; *sorry, no updated photos yet, due to photographer still have yet to recover from hangover that night*; hey, today's your actual day, so Heppi Butt-day again! =p

Followed by Saturday nite bash at Mojo~
Bird-day Chas! =p

taken using Sony Sober-Shot

mrtoilet peek-a-boo ~ showing symptoms severe of alcohol deprivation *hey, stop bulbing around already!*

we got off to quite a slow start...

A bottle of Jack Daniels *courtesy of b'day gal*, a couple of Tequila shots & a Flaming Lambhorgini later,was when the party really STARTED

yea, babeh! mr sexylips doing his thang ~ we've got 3some on the table! hoho...

~ a total blast of a jolly good time. Now that's what i call a productive weekend =D
*77.78% of the photos you see in this post are stolen from either or*

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