Sunday, July 27, 2008

The week has been great for me, in an upbeat manner & fulfilling way. I had a great time catching up with a good friend of mine, ehon who's back in town for the holidays. I've only known him since his last holiday break which, was only months ago, through a buddy of mine who happens to be his ah-kong... =p
A great lad with impressive personality & unique outlook on life. With all the postive aura that he exudes, he's always a great guy to hang out with... having genuine & positive friends will make a difference especially when you're caught up in the midst of mid-life crisis (i.e frustrations at work, stagnant career, stagnant relationships) like me.. that includes you too mr sexylips...
I'm starting to sound like a senior citizen already... yeap, ehon call's me uncle =D
Man, i should start to hang out more with friends not older than 22 years old, to retard my mental aging process.
All the sick jokes laughters & thoughts shared, has been an enlightening experience.
Sometime in the middle of the week, had also managed to squeeze in a happy hour time slot with jenbebe & co. at one of the latest happening night spot in town, The Core. At 7pm on a wednesday night?? Not much going on, but those poor tax friends on mine just need to unwind after a stressful day's work. Hang on in there guys, peak season's going to be over soon! Of all the people, i've also bumped into a girl who was accidentally involved in my infamous puking fiesta at barzing from years ago... *paiseh*paiseh* Had a good exchange of chit-chats, & i hope that she will no longer address me as the guy who once puked on her.... =p

Photoshop Crash Course
With growing photography craze among my colleagues, i feel it's time for us to start experimenting with photo editing just for the heck of it coz we have deep sense of appreciation for nice photos. After all we're called Photolithography engineers mah... =D *DSLR still on my wishlist though.. *

Ehon was kind enough to impart some of his photography wisdom acquired from his apprenticeship days with the one of the major studios in town, to us... =D
Lesson#1: How to apply virtual SKII ~ specimen A


Look ma, no pimples! =p

Lesson#2: How to apply virtual anti-ageing ~ Specimen B


signature eye-bag eliminated, sexy lips pun kena eliminated!! but now you look 25!
*photos published without consent of specimens, no pun intended, pls dun flame me, bradas! =p*

So enough with goofying around, it is breath-taking photo effects like these that we're learning how to create


*Btw, it's still ms. Colina's b'day, so Happy Birthday! again, when are u going to start ur blog ar?

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