Thursday, July 31, 2008

Shoe fetish - i have a long standing history of shoe-affection dating back to my highschool baller days when the Chicago Bulls were still on the 2nd three-peat run. Back then, i recall having at least 4 pair of kicks at any given time; enough to sport a different pair to ball games/practices for an entire week. Over those balling years, i have amassed a sizeable collection of kicks that grew as quick as i wore them out. Typical shelf life for a pair being roughly over 6 months. Most of 'em being Nike's ~ if my memory doesn't fail me, this was my most favorite pair of 'em all:

*this is the retro version, sourced from; now it costs a freaking 145~155USD!
Nike Air Penny II ~ spent its first 2 weeks on my display shrine at home, *where i worshiped & admired it! =p, before coming to my senses ~ it's just a goddamm shoe! & decided not to spare it from the daily balling grind & abuse ~ on the rough aphsalt outdoor court. *sayang mah, coz it cost me my dad a freaking 400 bucks a pair, & that was back in '96!*
The soles lasted me a good year before wore them out to the point of busting the exposed air max cushion...
Like my poor shoes, my hoop dreams did not live to see the new millenium *i'm vertically challenged okie..., at least by the game's standard x(* & so my kicks collection has been drastically downsized & obsoleted since.
Now i'm more into comfy kicks for getting around... something like what the SB lineup embodies ~ the cool factor + cutting edge technology... i dig =)
I'm no skateboarder but this one really blows me away...

the unorthodox styling takes a little getting used to on the eyes, but it's really more like an artpiece... it's got intricate detailing unique to each side... when you own a masterpiece like this, you'll have 2nd thoughts about wearing it to go out... But i've got my eyes set on this... ~ after all my current solo pair of kicks is nearing it's lifespan... morphed from a squeeky clean white to kurap-yellowish color

What's so special about it?

from ~ check this out:

That's not the end of it... i'm going to be needing yet another pair for a dedicated cause... back then, b-balling that gave me feet blisters... now I'm getting it not from the asphalt outdoor court, but from a much different environment ~ the dance floor... to put my best foot forward blister-free! =p

yup, it looks rather plain & boring i know... but it ain't cheap!

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