Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Singapore Trip ~ 4/07/08 Day02

I had initially planned to go for an early morning workout at the gym, but had problems waking up on time from a blissful sleep ~ must be the bed, too comfy.

Luckily made it in time before the breakfast cut-off time at 10:30am. Starting the day with a hearty breakfast brunch ~ almost puked when handed the bill totaling a cool SGD80++; thankfully it's complementary; bill for acknowledgment only *phew* =p

Camwhoring with my partner in crime ~ Old Voon *there's also Young, Round & Long Voon in our department*

I may seem like I'm covering for an auto-salon of some sort, but really I'm just passionate about cars. Brace yourselves for auto-overload! =D

Old Voon seemed to be very passionate about this particular car: the Honda Odyssey

Sooo mannyyy ultra-rare exotics to drool over....

The creme of the crop

~ the prancing horse in red that does not need any further introduction

A Ferrari F430
Also spotted a couple more Ferraris, Lamborghinis & the all new R35 GTR running around town. These are cars you normally see & read about on TV/internet/magazines only. The sights & sounds of one in flesh & in motion is truly captivating.

O Merlion, where art thou?

Finally down to business...

a photo engineer should get this shot right!

What we all love about attending seminars/conferences ~ is the door gifts! =p
The session wrapped up around evening time; we got a taste of Singapore's Friday evening peak hour jam in the financial district ~ a near a freakin' full hour of traffic snail crawl just to get 500 metres down the road to do a u-turn! xp

Out of the jam, we were whisked to Turf City for another seafood feast courtesy of our Gigaphoton vendor =D

If Michael Owen were a seafood entrepreneur...

Worn out when we finally reached our nesting point for night number 2, somewhere in Bugis district. This is what you get when your company accomodation budget is measily RM300. Kinda looks like Fata Hotel. & it cost a freaking SGD165 per night. We'll have to fork out from our own pocket for the extras -_-

Okay, it's not that bad, but when you downgrade from a 6-star to a 2&1/2 star you'll need to grapple with the huge contrast. The whole room shrunk to the size of only the bathroom equivalent size of the previous place. Oh yea, what happened to the flat screen TV? Downsized to at minuscule 15" CRT. Dammit, you get what you pay for, hotels ain't cheap here in Singapore, unless you want to try the ones in Geylang.


ah nel said...

next time told me u look 4 hotel as i can help u booked around 60 - 70 sgd but definately not back in kuching the rm60-70 wan farking room... ;)

cal81 said...

okies.. i'd greatly appreciate that.. though, i'd usually be staying at my aunt's or cousin's place when i drop by... maybe easier to get around those price range, when it's not so peak season like now... =)