Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Singapore Trip ~ 05~07/07/08
From the 3rd day onwards, it's all about enjoying good food, yum cha-ing, & having a good time catching up with relatives, cousins & old friends alike. After all, it's been almost half-a-decade since my last visit. My mom & sis tagged along on this trip also, & had been staying with my aunt since day one; they've always welcomed us to stay with them whenever we drop by for a visit ~ really grateful for that, else i'll definitely be emptying my piggy bank just to stay another night or two. Hotel prices are yikes!-like steep at the moment with the Singapore great sale going on. Accommodation aside, on one-to-one basis , the living cost is actually quite reasonable & comparable with back home. It's just that there more places & more stuffs to spend your $$ on here. Public transport system is also a gazillion times much more efficient & conveniently accessible, only dreameable back home. That too, is affordable, unless you intend to buy & run your own car.
The closest i got to Sentosa:

Dian Xiao Er @ Vivocity ~ famous for their herbal roasted duck

with aunts, cousins & chek kong
catching up with some x-colleagues at Bugis Junction

2nd consecutive Japanese feast for the night ~ with Julian, Lester, Eugene & co.

It's become a mini Kuchingnites gathering in Singapore. All of us have worked for the same company at one time or another, & now they're (ones that left) also working in the same company over there. How ironic... Nevertheless, we had a great yum-cha session =)

Ah kong too, dropped by just to say hi, on the way home ~ good to see you, buddy!
*as usual, he insists on having his Tu Shen request ~ censored la*

3rd appointment of the night ~ September! An ex-ex-colleague of mine during my Agilent internship days from nearly half-a-decade ago. Great to catch up with you again. Hey, you haven't changed at all! =)

Along with 2 expatriate friends, Michiko & Asami, one of whom happens to be a freelance writer. Cool =)
It's been nice meeting you guys, though it was quite a brief meet up at McD, before we had to run after the last train near midnight to make it home. Ha, that was quite an experience ~ "It's 11:45pm, you can start running to the MRT station, coz the last train will depart in 2 minutes time". Well, I did made it back to my aunt's place in approximately 21 minutes =p
The big city life is like a global melting pot where you get to meet people from all walks of life, from diverse cultures & with interesting backgrounds, to learn from, exchange & draw inspiration. This is the aspect that appeals to me most.

Changi's new T3 ~ so squeky clean & green

Sis had to leave a day earlier...

Toa Payoh, Lorong 1 Chicken Rice ~ even the neighborhood kopitiam is packed to the brim well past lunch hour. There is no place to dine without having to queue up, except at home lar.

my cousin, Donald's ride. I dig that aggressive & muscular look. Not a WRX, just 1.6 AWD variant though, but sharing that same boxer layout. Quite a fuel guzzler that returns 8 - 9 km to the litre. The real deal WRX STi would definitely be one heck of a drinker!

@ Suntec City

Yup, I've been an uncle for quite awhile now =p

Debra & Marissa ~ ^_^

& Bree, the most recent addition =)
That about wraps up my trip for this time round ~ it's been a great one! =)


ah nel said...

yo bro...sory din catch up wit u for a drink but soon we go drink ohkao...yumseng...

next time i show u my backside when take photo as tat tu shen post mine is called tu lan...LOL

btw tat 2 gals reli hot... ;)

cal81 said...

no prob la bro, there's always a next time =)
haha... from tu shen become tu lan...

september said...

that's sad u know. was hoping for you to say "you have changed alot and got much prettier" :P blek

cal81 said...

okies i get your cue =p
ha, what i meant was u have not really aged much at all... well, u're doing pretty well wat... =)