Wednesday, April 01, 2009

de ja vu?

From Miscellaneous
reminiscent of this fave shot i've taken during my last visit here, almost a year has passed since; now with a proper dSLR, back then it was a samsumg digicam which got stolen when my parents brought it along for a trip to penang not long after that...
*singapore trip post coming up soon...~ when i'm rajin enough to update, that is =p *

From Miscellaneous
a buddy of mine got into a mishap earlier this evening; i crashed in an eeriely similar manner just not too long ago in that area too, just a roundabout away... Glad that he got away unscathed, though a bit shaken. Ouch! that baby is going to take a while to get fixed; speaking of which, mine is yet to emerge from the workshop. Malang tidak berbau... do drive safely dear friends!

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