Sunday, April 12, 2009

Random Shots: spot the runner's pace

From Miscellaneous

Finally breached the 60-minutes mark! This staying on the treadmill at a constant pace of 8km/h for just an hour is already a grueling task requiring mammoth-like will power just to keep going with flailing legs & knees weakening by the minute. Having barely completed this, i still can't begin to imagine the intensity & focus required of a marathon runner, in preparing for a competition ~ 10km, 18km, 22km, 42km?? They must have had superhuman endurance & will power. Come to think of it, these superhuman attributes like these too, have to be built from scratch from the daily grind of rigorous endless trainings, gradually built over time by pushing the limits everyday... the big question is, do i have the discipline & passion to keep pushing the limits in the things i do everyday?

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